Marketing Results

At One to One Direct we strive to develop long term client relationships that create outstanding results. In partnership with our clients, we have created marketing programs that have achieved long term, profitable growth.

Case Study 1

Client Objective

A large national bank wanted to create sustainable growth in home equity lending, with a focus on attracting new customers in geographic areas outside of their existing branch network.

One to One Direct Solution

Developed a comprehensive direct marketing strategy and process that involved key internal client departments (product, pricing, sales, risk management and marketing support personnel). All key internal departments participated in monthly reviews of prior marketing results/tests, which included return on investment analysis. Decisions on future marketing campaigns were based on prior economic results, with all stakeholders having visibility into the inter-relationships between product/price/population and ultimate performance. Hundreds of marketing tests were conducted and measured, and successful tests were identified and aggressively rolled out on a national basis.


Program yielded over $4 Billion in home equity production during a 36 month period. All of this loan growth came from market areas outside the company’s existing branch network, resulting in thousands of new banking relationships.